We blend strategic guidance and premium logo design to forge a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your audience’s aspirations.

Naming & Tagline

Our creative minds thrive on shaping memorable names and impactful taglines that encapsulate your brand’s story and resonate with your audience. We’ll craft the perfect verbal identity that sets you apart and makes your message truly unforgettable.

Logo Design

As a premier logo design company based in Jersey, we specialise in creating logos that encapsulate the very essence of your brand. Our designs transcend mere visuals, skilfully encapsulating your brand’s values within a single, powerful emblem. Allow us to craft a logo that communicates volumes and distinguishes your brand from the rest.

Brand Style Guide

We create a comprehensive style guide outlining the proper application of your fresh brand identity. This guide encompasses crucial details like typography, colour schemes, logo utilisation, and photography approaches. It goes beyond to offer precise directives for stationery like business cards, brochures, email signatures, vehicle graphics, signage, and uniforms. Tailoring our approach to your unique needs is what sets us apart.

Why choose MLB Media for your branding?

1. Strategic Branding Expertise

Our agency is your partner in crafting a brand that resonates. From memorable names and taglines to a distinctive logo, we infuse your brand with meaning, setting you apart in the crowded marketplace.

2. Visual Identity Mastery

Our logo designs aren't just visuals; they're the embodiment of your brand's essence. We create logos that convey your values and speak volumes, ensuring your brand stands out from the competition.

3. Comprehensive Style Guidance

Beyond the basics, we provide you with a brand style guide that's a blueprint for consistency. From typography and colors to logo usage and beyond, we offer precise directives for every aspect of your brand presence.

4. Tailored Solutions

Every brand is unique, and we treat it as such. Our approach is custom-tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your brand identity aligns perfectly with your business objectives. Your success is our ultimate goal.