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We Elevate Ignite Propel Enrich Dog Groomers' Online Presence, Creating Tail-Wagging ROI through Strategic Social Media Management.

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Social Media Management

At MLB Media, we don’t provide an array of services that won’t groom success. We focus on three key elements that truly make a difference for local dog grooming businesses.

Content Dominance

Your brand's story, strategically told. We curate and consistently post captivating content, maximising visibility and interaction.

Paid Social Mastery

No-nonsense advertising that works. Our focused paid social ads ensure every penny spent yields tangible, measurable returns.

Follower Surge

Experience organic strategies that amplify your online presence, bringing in an average of 300-700 targeted followers each month. No fluff, just impactful results.

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Louis Besant

Targeting Strategist

Lewis Holloway

Growth Specialist

Meet The
Dynamic Duo

Bringing over three years of collaboration experience with startups and established businesses, Louis now channels his growth passion back to the UK, targeting a dog grooming industry ripe for untapped potential.

Meet the dynamic duo, Louis and Lewis, crafting your social presence. From captivating content to impactful ads, they are dedicated to elevating the dog grooming industry standard.

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